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Cantina Franchetto

Cantina Franchetto

In the last strip of land, in the east of Soave area, are located farm’s vineyards Franchetto. In Terrossa, where the family has lived for over a century, you can still feel an ancient peasant culture, tied to a tradition of frontier between the provinces of Verona and Vicenza. Today Antonio Franchetto continues the long tradition of his family, growing historic vines grapes and typical of these lands: Garganega and Durella.

Corte Fornello

Corte Fornello

Located at Valeggio sul Mincio, a village set on pleasant hills and caressed by a light breezes, the Venturelli family produces wine and olive oil with love and in respect of nature. A land rich of history, battles and blood, passions and values concentrated in loving care of the vines. A family tradition which, with the new generation, moves towards the future, aware of the needs of modern times, harmoniously fusing ancient tradition with new technology.


Mazzolada, La Cantina del Falco

Venezia is known world wide as the city on the water and one of the most romantic places in the world. Few of us think of the Venezia province as an important wine producing land. With a total area of 125 Ha, the Mazzolada winery offers the best selection of the most typical grapes and blends of the region.

Provolo – Canove

Provolo – Tenuta Canove

Since 1927 Provolo family has been working this ground and producing wine. Our vineyards and our home are located in the middle of Mezzane’s hill valley, a small town a few kilometres east from Verona, Veneto region.
The enologic vocation of these lands has been famous since Roman age to give extraordinary wines to the palates, like the well-known Amarone.
Sharing a glass of wine is the first and most ancient gesture of host of our peasant culture, for that reason the doors of our cellar will always be open if you want to feel the seriousness and the passion of our work.

Villa Ilangi

Villa IlangiVilla Ilangi ICEA Certificato Biologico

Who doesn’t know Tuscany and its ruby red wines? Only by mentioning this lovely region, its soft hills, the beautiful city of Firenze, and world renowned food all immediately come to mind. The family Cotellesa for more than 60 years works for let know the food and wine culture localy. Now they try to export this way of living aroud the world. Starting from them winery to the best restaurants world wide.

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