Our Serivces for Wine Dealers

wine list

after long time experience, we can provide a full wine list for your restaurant and winebar. the selection will be made buy our wineries or from your suggestion. we will find the best solution for a mix and match of different kind of wines and good for all you dishes. we also help you in choose the best price solution for your and guest style.

Retail promotion

Are you owner or manger of wine shop and you would like to increase your sales? the best way is organizing tasting and promotion inplace. Our wineries are really glad to help you in promote, organize tasting, help your clerks in present wine, explain the production regions and give information about grapes and production system. That’s the base for create an interest in a new wine.

wine tasting and paring dinners

we will find for you the best way to promote  our wines in your place by choosing the best parings and tastings for your guest. promoting wines and food is the best way to let know to your clients who you are and what you are able to do for them.

commercial consultancy

Are you a winery? our staff can help you in develop your business in Europe and North America markets. Our Knowladge of these markets is the right opportunity for your organization for develop export market. our net of connections is the base for better understand the real potentiality of your products.

you can find us

you can find us

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contact us

contact us

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A new concept of wine Consultant, we want to improve the knowledge of what is behind a great wine