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De Stefani

Venezia 1866


  • 1. Five generations, one family! For five generations the De Stefani family has had the passion for grape vine growing and the art for producing wines with a rare personality.
  • 2. Magic microclimate! Our vineyards are located in Italy, in the Eastern Veneto: in the Piave Valley, between the Adriatic sea (Mediterranean Sea) and the Dolomites mountains (Alps) and in the hills of Conegliano – Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO Wold Heritage site.
  • 3. A unique soil: the Caranto! Our grapes grow in the “Caranto” soil, considered by the grapes scientists one of the best for viticulture. It is a special combination of clay, silt and minerals of the Dolomite’s rock
  • Alessandro De Stefani, fourth generation, in the “Le Ronche” estate in Fossalta di Piave (Venice)
  • 4. 8.400 vine per hectare, 40 years old! We have 40 year old vineyards with 8.400 vines per hectare trained with the guyot system. This means an extremely low yield of grapes per plant, between 350 to 950 grams, with a great concentration and richness.
  • 5. Native grapes and single vineyards!We produce original wines obtained mainly from native local varieties: Marzemino, Raboso, Refosco, Glera and Tocai. Many of the labels we bottle come from single vineyards, enphazising the feature of that small area.
  • 6. Special vinification tecniques! To give more character to our wines we use special vinification techniques, such as our exclusive “Method Zero”, the “appassimento” process (drying of the grapes) and others.
  • 7. Natural philosophy! We work under organic and biodynamic principles. Vinification is carried out without any added sulfites. We produce 100% of the energy we need in the winery, with our 418 solar panels. We use to ferment the must with our own indigenous yeasts!
  • Stèfen 1624, the flagship and the signature wine
  • 8. We bottle only deserving vintages, with a limited quantity! To completely guarantee the quality we offer, we bottle only the vintages that meet our quality expectations. The quantity is limited to the little production of each wine, making it a craftsmanship work.
  • 9. We are in all the most important wine guides! Our wines are cited and recommended in all the most important international wine guides: Wine Spectator, Robert Parker Wine Advocate, James Suckling, Wine Enthusiast, Wines and Spirits, Gambero Rosso, Slow Food, Italian Sommelier Association, V eronelli, Espresso, Luca Maroni and Touring Club.
  • The “Colvendrame” estate, in the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene
  • 10. The best collaborators in more than 40 countries in the world! Our wines are imported and distributed by the best wine merchants that operate in the most qualified restaurants, hotels and wine shops in more than 40 countries in the world, in the 5 continents.
De Stefani