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Founded by Nico Ferrari for helping small and medium wineries who haven’t the chance to go directly to the international markets. The company is not a merchant. The importers and distributors will always talk directly to the wineries and buy directly from the wineries.

Grapes and more is an expert consultant company that supports the importers and buyers in promoting, presenting the wines and wineries to final customers.

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If you are interested in the wine business, are a winery or wine dealer, contact us. We can help you grow your wine business

you can find us

you can find us

CALLE ANTONIO ROMERO, 1-1B - 28025 Madrid (Espana)

contact us

contact us

give us a call: +393407980714

+39 3284736012 or +18189431754
mail us: info@grapesandmore.com

A new concept of wine Consultant, we want to improve the knowledge of what is behind a great wine