Our Serivces for Wineries

Marketing Research

Thanks to our international network, we can quickly organize marketing research for a product, a line of products or a brand. Focused in North American and European markets, we can offer you detailed information about the best way to be present in your chosen area.

Exposition and Fair Support

If you want to start better understand if it is reasonable enter in a new market, the first step would be to attend events and fairs. You will start to know if your products are interesting for the chosen market and if you are ready to move forward to the next step…SALES. Grapes and More can help you choose the right event for you. We also offer to coordinate booth details logistics and provide on-site support.

Export Management

You are at the point that you feel you need an upgrade in your exports; but, you have limited time to manage the day-to-day tasks required to make it successful?
Then it is time to hire an Export Manager – someone prepared to boost your sales and build stronger relationship with your customers.
If costs and strict employment regulations are a concern for you, then ask us about our Shared Export Manager Program. This is the first step to improve your organization and to start focusing on becoming a professional exporter. Grapes and More will give you all the information and explain all the benefits. You can be rest assured that Grapes and More will build you the most profitable business plan.

Sales Network building and developing

Do you already know that your products are suitable for the market you are interested in, but want to learn how to have a stable presence in that market? The best choice is to build a permanent local sales network. While discovering contacts and agents, logistic facilities, lawyers and consultants can seem difficult and daunting, we can help you navigate through this new adventure.

Brand ambassador

You are already present in a market? Do you think your importer or distributor is not pushing your brand enough? Do you think the staff of your local partner is not well informed about your philosophy and products?
The answer to these issues is finding a brand ambassador. You really need someone who will be present and promote your brand or line of products. Our resident executive managers are crucial in developing your image and brand.

Product developing

When you think about entering into a new market, the first thing to determine is always: “Are my products interesting for the potential customers?” Most of the time, your products are ideal for your existing market, but you often have to adjust your ways of production to create an interest in the new, potential market.
There are several different ways to determine which changes your production needs. The most expensive way is trail and error: starting to sell your standard products and losing profit and customers while you figure out what that particular market needs and how you can provide it. Grapes and More has known the market for years, and can help you work smarter to achieve success faster.

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you can find us

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